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A few stragglers

I’ve not kept up with adding color and scanning – here’s a few miscellaneous ones:


These lovely coneflowers were captured in a photo by Eric Lopez. Thanks for the inspiration Eric!

2015 10 Strike a pose donkey wm

Saw this donkey at our annual Spiedie and Hot Air Balloon fest at Otsiningo Park. Too cute!



I grew these onions myself – and did not realize they just plop up out of the ground when they are ready!?!? Thank you, onions!

Otsiningo Park Farmer’s Market

On one of THE most perfect weather days of the year (so far!) I spent an hour at the farmer’s market.  It was a great day for gorgeous produce!  I did four sketches, and bought zucchini and some yummy rhubarb cake! 

Be sure to support your local farmer’s markets!  They provide natural, wholesome and delicious foods.

 ‘Closer to the Heart’ Farm produce

‘Catskill Cattle Co.’
‘Hemlock Creek CSA’
Swiss Chard
‘Vines Binghamton Urban Farm’

A month of turtles!?!

After seeing the big tortoise at the zoo, I came home and while walking at lunch, saw this rather large pet out for a walk in his yard. Can you guess his name? Snappy! I don’t know how, but he looked friendly! Maybe it was because his owner was laughing that I wanted to take his picture to sketch him. The little guy I saw Friday at Otsiningo Park. Now he did not look very friendly. He looked like a ‘snappy’ to me!

Walkin in the rain

I *really* wanted to walk today, and the weather station said it wouldn’t rain until 1pm. Well, I needed to clean the kitchen, and by the time I finished, it had started to sprinkle. Stubborn me, I thought, I’ll just bring my umbrella, no big deal. But…the rain started coming down more and more. I finished my walk, came home and got into dry clothes, and decided to journal the day. You see, even though I got soaked, I was lucky to see a duck not often seen around here. A common merganser, I think, although I’m no expert. For me, it was worth getting wet! So how was your Sunday?