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BioGeometry electrosmog

More BioGeometry signatures

Just having fun with more BioGeometry signatures. This concept continues to resonate with me.

Enjoy viewing these. I hope you receive some of the energy that has flowed into each. 💕

The science of BioGeometry has as its cornerstone a very special harmonizing subtle energy quality that is found in… all centers of shapes in nature.” – BioGeometry Signatures by Ibrahim Karim

BioGeometry electrosmog   BioGeometry electrosmog   BioGeometry clearing body earth rad   BioGeometry earth radiation  BioGeometry spine 1  BioGeometry spine 2

Biogeometry image thyroid 02

BioGeometry Signatures and art

“The science of BioGeometry has as its cornerstone a very special harmonizing subtle energy quality that is found in… all centers of shapes in nature.” – BioGeometry Signatures by Ibrahim Karim

BioGeometry signatures are a branch of BioGeometry, and I found this science and its shapes fascinating and have attempted to incorporate some with my art. The lines are intended to be drawn in one complete swoop, so they end looking imperfect, but then, art is not meant to be perfect. 😉

Here are my efforts so far – not my typical subject or style, but they were an enjoyable effort!  If any of these resonate with you, and you’d like a print, they are available with or without the text shown here.

Biogeometry image pineal  Biogeometry image pituitary blue Biogeometry image pituitary green 01 Biogeometry image pituitary green 02 Biogeometry image kidneys Biogeometry image thyroid 01 Biogeometry image thyroid 02 Biogeometry image wireless 01 Biogeometry image wireless 02 Biogeometry image wireless 03

Cathedral Cove

New Zealand – Cathedral Cove

We stayed at motels in NZ, surprisingly comfy, clean and with kitchen facilities. It’s a very friendly country for hikers and campers.  Breakfast was typically groceries purchased by Phil, our guide, that we could take and each enjoy in our rooms before leaving for the day.

This day we headed to Cathedral Cove, accessible only on foot or by boat. Of course, the ferry wasn’t running the day we went! A beautiful sunny day, but I guess the sea wasn’t cooperating.  So it was on foot in and out, up and down around the hills, about 2 miles with an elevation change of 500 ft. People swam, took selfies for social media and enjoyed the gorgeous beach and rock formations. One of our group was upended by the strong surf! Glad she was okay!Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

There were also perfect places to rest and sketch on the return walk. Cathedral Cove return Cathedral Cove return

We all enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream on our return!

When you spend time in the sun with footwear like this, Sandals

you can end up with a Maori-inspired tan! (More about Maori art later. 😉)Weird tan lines

Calendar collection

Looking back…

Organizing a bit on this perfect summer day, I came across my calendar collection.  I’ve been making these as gifts since 2012! Eight years of paper calendars led to adding planners, a perpetual calendar and even my first book.  Looking at these evokes emotions, when I see my older works, it can bring me right back to the moments it was being created.

For 2020, I wonder if you can tell me something – how many of you still use paper calendars? Even mine has been more of a wall decoration, than for practical time planning. Maybe I should just make planners for those of us still inclined to use pen and paper? Or smaller calendars that are more image without space to write.

I’d love to hear your opinions! Calendar collection

Soaring eagle

My favorite birds of prey

Don’t get me wrong, I really like hawks! But, I do have a favorite – the eagle.  I’m so glad they have made a comeback, and there’s quite a few here in the upstate NY area. Today, a grey and gloomy February day, I walked the Two Rivers Greenway in Endicott.  Endicott, NY island

There’s an island you can see from the bridge that goes to Vestal, and there’s a flag I always see on it.  So, I found a bench and sat down to sketch it.  I shot a reference photo, and didn’t notice an eagle sitting in a tree on the other side of the river, because a branch was in the way. I got about 3 lines drawn, when I moved my head a little and saw it. Bold as can be, an eagle looking down river. Bald eagle

He didn’t stay long, and soon took off. But, I thought it only went a little way, and went to look for it upriver. Throwing my sketch stuff in pockets, I hustled to find it.

Found him in a tree a little upriver, and oh joy! There were two! Two bald eagles

After a half hour and tons of photos, the second one  looked like it was getting ready to move, so I put my camera on movie mode.  The first video is 38 seconds, but listen, and you’ll hear an eagle screech. Chills.


After catching it flying away on video, I decided it was okay to leave. Seeing them was such a wonderful gift! Soaring eagle