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Ready for 2020?

2020 is just around the corner, and you can pre-order your calendar today!  These calendars are 8.5×11, and are filled with bird sketches and some of my favorite quotes!

I’ve also made a matching journal, 5.5×8.5.  This has pages that are lined, dotted or filled with grids for you to personalize and use to doodle or write in.

Both come with a robust black wire binding and both are $12 each.

Let me know how many you want!

Flooring it and taking it for a ride

Not “flooring it” on the ride, haha.

We finished laying the 1/2” polyiso, after taping the edges with house wrap tape, and then fastening 3/4” plywood over it.  Finding the existing bolt holes was a little tricky, but thanks to neighbor Jim, they are all in place.  A couple of the holes do need to be re-threaded, that’s how they came from the factory, as the original bolts were shorter, so they worked okay.  We’re using longer ones to attach the plywood and include the polyiso depth.  You can barely see the polyiso in this shot, but it’s all there!

Plywood flooring

Jamey doing the ‘final’ install of plywood over the polyiso.

Flooring is down!

Flooring is down!

I also got Reflectix, some heavy grey fabric on sale, and fitted them to the door windows.  Spray-glued them together, then finished off the edges with grey duct tape. They friction fit right into the openings, but I got several heavy duty small magnets that can be added if needed.

Window cover fitted in door

Window cover edging

I tried a narrower black duck tape first, but changed it to a wider grey one after

Finished products!

Finished window covers!

We then brought the van to Elmira, where a relative with a large garage can take care of installing the Maxxfan, Mach 8 air conditioner with heat element, solar racks and panels and an opening window on the side. We hope to be able to help with it, and get some pics along the way.  So the driveway will be empty for a while.

Hoping the next post will have lots of good updates to share!

Skirmisher statue

Blues on the Bridge

Blues on the Bridge is a day of free outdoor concerts, with food trucks and vendors in downtown Binghamton.  This was my first year going, and I brought my sketchbook to give the Skirmisher statue another try.

I wasn’t happy with the first attempt, here:Skirmisher statue

But after walking around a bit, and running into a few family and friends, I sat for another try.  Pretty happy with this one, especially as I just put ink to paper, no pencil outline first.  Calling it a day!Skirmisher statue

Passenger swivel and windshield cover

Passenger swivel, noise and insulation

After the floor removal, the passenger swivel seat was installed, and I got an inexpensive windshield cover to block the afternoon sun. Passenger swivel and windshield cover

And we have been putting in the noise reduction and insulation, both polyiso & thinsulate. Thinsulate for walls and doors


Noico on the ceiling

Putting the Noico on the ceiling, then thinsulate over it

Insulated! Except for around the fan and AC installs.

There’s even more after this, but that’ll be a new post soon.

Thanks so much for following!



Calendar collection

Looking back…

Organizing a bit on this perfect summer day, I came across my calendar collection.  I’ve been making these as gifts since 2012! Eight years of paper calendars led to adding planners, a perpetual calendar and even my first book.  Looking at these evokes emotions, when I see my older works, it can bring me right back to the moments it was being created.

For 2020, I wonder if you can tell me something – how many of you still use paper calendars? Even mine has been more of a wall decoration, than for practical time planning. Maybe I should just make planners for those of us still inclined to use pen and paper? Or smaller calendars that are more image without space to write.

I’d love to hear your opinions! Calendar collection


A trip to the Farmer’s Market

This market is awesome for delicious and juicy fresh veggies!  They’re so amazing that, well, sketches were needed.

Here you go, fresh from market, and they tasted as good as they looked!  Hope you’re enjoying some fresh fruits and veggies this summer!


Fresh garlic. 


   Fresh carrots


Fresh onion


Jamey fishing

Goin’ fishin’

Hiking comes naturally to me. So does, being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature.  So when Jamey talked about going fishing, I was happy to join him!

So far, he’s brought me a 7.5’ fly rod, reel and a cool fishing vest!  I got some hip boot waders, so I’m all set! We’ve only been out once so far, as the weather hasn’t really worked with our schedules. The fish were not cooperating that day, but it was just nice being out there and relearning the method. After all, it’s been decades since I last fished! Yeah, I know, a very long time, right? 🙄

Anyway, Jamey had gone a while earlier, and got a photo taken of him while he was on the stream.  It called for a sketch, and here it is.

Jamey fishing

Love this guy! 💕

Scoot and boots

How do you describe yourself?

For the last several years, I’ve described myself as a scooterist. Obviously, that’s not all I am, but it’s been 6 years of fun with the Vespa GT200 in Portofino green!  Recently decided to hang up my boots and sell it, as Grey Matter is taking up lots of time and energy.  Alas, the scoot doesn’t have the same appeal as before.

At least, it IS going to a good home.  My friend Jim, who is the one who found it for me, is the perfect new owner for it.  He has given me driving tips and done the maintenance on it.  Happy scooting Jim! Scoot and boots