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Hawk Mountain Sanctuary hike

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary hike

Earlier this month I was looking for a decent hike on my way to Virginia. I found it at Hawk Mountain. This refuge for birds of prey was founded in 1934 by Rosalie Edge, who saw the impact of raptor hunting in the area. With 2,600 acres, this is now a research center, a learning facility and one of the best places to view the annual fall hawk migration.

So I was in, of course! I arrived ready to hike and see some hawks! At the very beginning, I tripped and skinned my knee. No problem, I thought, just get going. Aptly named, The River of Rocks trail was only slightly challenging. So I decided to add a short loop since the entire day was devoted to this place. That loop was followed by a steep ascent of 900 feet, with no switchbacks, which took a while as I had to stop every 200 ft or so to catch my breath! Whew! But I pushed on, as I was looking forward to arriving at the top of the ridge and the final 1.5 miles as I thought “skyline” meant you’d have a view. Instead, the last portion consisted of giant boulders and cautious footing, meaning forget the view! Just finish this thing!

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary hike

Hawk Mountain hike along ridge. The red circle indicates the next trail marker!

The very last climb was the hardest for me, as I was tired, bruised and achy.  I asked a younger lady who had just passed me, to please hold my hike poles and backpack, as I couldn’t get a leg up onto the last giant boulder with them.

Now, finally, at the top, feeling safe and catching my breath, there were the magnificent views.  Except – only one hawk was viewed that day.  No – really! The day before they spotted 37 raptors, and on my day, only one!  Not terribly disappointed as I felt pretty smug that I was able to complete 5.5 darn difficult miles!

Here are sketches started on site, but completed and color added at home. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary hike Hawk Mountain Sanctuary hike

Stay tuned to hear about my latest hiking adventure!

Cobble Lookout view

Car Camping in the Adirondacks

After a one night test run at our local State Park, my friend and I figured we’d go up north and challenge ourselves with 2 nights of car camping and a couple hikes.  Little did we know we were following the tail end of hurricane Isaias!
So our Tuesday drive and setting up camp was in the rain and for most of the evening, a downpour.  Very lucky a friend insisted I borrow their 9x9x6’ht tent! Very lucky. We were still soaked just setting it up, but once we settled down, we could wring out a few things and enjoy some snacks and wine. Car camping
After our coffee Wednesday morning, we headed for Cascade Mountain, a 6 mile hike (in and out) with 1,900’ elevation gain.  My Alltrails app described it as “moderate”, and I disagree, although maybe I would agree with (a lot!) more hiking experience.  Boulders or bigger rocks were found along much of the trail, making each step another piece of a climbing puzzle.  Add to that, mud in between the rocks, making slipping a real possibility. (Which we each did at least once!).

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  Henry David Thoreau

Cascade mountain view

The panoramic views at the top of the surrounding mountains were well worth the rain (yes, again!) and mud.   The rain mostly stopped, and the mist and clouds opened up a bit so we could quickly enjoy that view.  The wind, however, was very inhospitable and we headed downhill a bit before taking a break.  No sketch was done at the top, as my supplies would have been blown away!

What with snack stops and being careful and stepping aside to let people pass, it took us 7 hours. We had planned to do a quick walk after at High Falls Gorge, but it was closed due to all the rain, so – back to camp.  We enjoyed hotdogs grilled on the blazing campfire, and for me, more wine! 🍷

Thursday we went to Wilmington and hiked Cobble Lookout, rated easy, which we both wanted after yesterday.  Really quite easy, with 3 miles out and back, and only 240’ elev. gain. Another fantastic view with wonderful sunshine!  And finally a chance to get a quick couple of sketches in.

Cobble Lookout view

Cobble Lookout view

BioGeometry electrosmog

More BioGeometry signatures

Just having fun with more BioGeometry signatures. This concept continues to resonate with me.

Enjoy viewing these. I hope you receive some of the energy that has flowed into each. 💕

The science of BioGeometry has as its cornerstone a very special harmonizing subtle energy quality that is found in… all centers of shapes in nature.” – BioGeometry Signatures by Ibrahim Karim

BioGeometry electrosmog   BioGeometry electrosmog   BioGeometry clearing body earth rad   BioGeometry earth radiation  BioGeometry spine 1  BioGeometry spine 2

Biogeometry image thyroid 02

BioGeometry Signatures and art

“The science of BioGeometry has as its cornerstone a very special harmonizing subtle energy quality that is found in… all centers of shapes in nature.” – BioGeometry Signatures by Ibrahim Karim

BioGeometry signatures are a branch of BioGeometry, and I found this science and its shapes fascinating and have attempted to incorporate some with my art. The lines are intended to be drawn in one complete swoop, so they end looking imperfect, but then, art is not meant to be perfect. 😉

Here are my efforts so far – not my typical subject or style, but they were an enjoyable effort!  If any of these resonate with you, and you’d like a print, they are available with or without the text shown here.

Biogeometry image pineal  Biogeometry image pituitary blue Biogeometry image pituitary green 01 Biogeometry image pituitary green 02 Biogeometry image kidneys Biogeometry image thyroid 01 Biogeometry image thyroid 02 Biogeometry image wireless 01 Biogeometry image wireless 02 Biogeometry image wireless 03