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Skirmisher statue

Blues on the Bridge

Blues on the Bridge is a day of free outdoor concerts, with food trucks and vendors in downtown Binghamton.  This was my first year going, and I brought my sketchbook to give the Skirmisher statue another try.

I wasn’t happy with the first attempt, here:Skirmisher statue

But after walking around a bit, and running into a few family and friends, I sat for another try.  Pretty happy with this one, especially as I just put ink to paper, no pencil outline first.  Calling it a day!Skirmisher statue

Towel display at cup-a-jo

Coffee & Teapot tea towels are in!

On display at Cup-a-Jo

Very excited to share the latest items with my art.
The colorful screen imprint is of ink and watercolor sketches, original art by me.   These are printed so the design can be seen when hung. Towel display at cup-a-jo

These makes excellent gifts when paired with a box of favorite tea or coffee!
Pick any or all of three different designs.

1. Blue/ Silver
2. Green/ Brown
3. Orange/ Brown

I did these sketches on site from displays at a local coffee shop, Cup-a-Jo, on Front St. in Binghamton, NY.

These soft flour sack tea towels measure 28″ x 28″.  Art size is approximately 5″x8″.  Fabric color is white. Machine wash and dry.

Towels are $12 each (plus shipping), buy any 2 or more tea towels for discounted pricing!

How to purchase? 1. Stop in to Cup-a-Jo, enjoy their delicious food and get your towels there!  2. Message me  3. Visit my Etsy page. ($14 includes shipping)

Sketches in the Glen

A heart-shaped surprise

Walked the Glen today, 40°, the snow has started melting and last fall’s autumn leaves are peeking out.  I sketched quickly, adding color at home.   Check out my favorite tree on the right, just noticed the heart shape! 

That’s what sketching does – helps you notice details, things you’d otherwise miss. Sketches in the Glen

Here’s a screen shot from the Alltrails app of my typical Glen walk- 1.7 miles in 40 minutes. I’m not a speed walker! 😉. All Trails - Glen hike


Decided to DIY another veggie – here’s a zucchini plant and the new spade/pitchfork I bought to help clear out the weeds so it could be planted. I know, it’s not as early in the season as it could be, but – I tend towards optimism!

This zucchini is now safely nestled in the ground.

This zucchini is now safely nestled in the ground.

And long-legged bright beauties like these day lilies keep me optimistic!



Flashback – Oct, 2014 in Ithaca with KW Sketchers



I could barely contain my excitement – this was my first ever sketch crawl , but certainly won’t be my last! I was invited on FB, and knew it was a must.
Before arriving, I was definitely, well, can you say “intimidated”? But after a few sketches and a warm lunch, (Too bad the weather wouldn’t cooperate) I felt right at home! A very nice experience for me, totally loved watching and learning how others manage outdoors. Anyway, I’m only posting these now, as they needed a little touching up at home. Once the holidays hit, these fell by the wayside.  

Triphammer Falls, Ithaca NY

Triphammer Falls, Ithaca NY

Triphammer Falls, Ithaca NY

Triphammer Falls, Ithaca NY

Ithaca sketchcrawl museum display

Sketched inside (where it was warm!) in the Herbert F. Johnson museum, on the college campus


2014 10 Ithaca 5

Sketched inside (where it was warm!) in the Herbert F. Johnson museum, on the college campus

2014 10 Ithaca 3 sm

Sketched inside (where it was warm!) in the Herbert F. Johnson museum, on the college campus


A trip to Boston – Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Brought a friend to her followup dr visit. She had some nasty vertigo when we arrived at the hotel, so we ordered in.  I sketched my bed while waiting for the food to be delivered in.
The best thing about this hotel (and maybe all Hampton Inns!) is they say the duvet covers are washed each time, like the sheets.  I believe it, because all the linens were white, and they did look really clean!

Brigham & Women’s Hospital cafeteria is equal to a gourmet restaurant! I had pumpkin raviolis with mushrooms and artichokes covered with a white butter sauce. Soo good!  I ate it so fast, I had time to sketch these folks sitting at the window counter in front of me.
By the way, my friend’s test results were exactly what she hoped for, so excellent news for her!

I do love red shoes!

The chef got to eat his lunch too!  I wonder if he prepared his own food?

Elegant older homes

I’m re-reading Danny Gregory’s “The Creative License”.  If that book doesn’t inspire you to get back to or even to start sketching, I don’t know what will!!!
Two very quick sketches touched up with my Pentel water brush –  done from the safety of my car yesterday, as it was a cold, rainy and gloomy day.  Finishing these brightened it up for me, though!
Phelps Mansion

An older west side home