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Well that’s embarrassing!

While everyone else was wishing a happy new year yesterday, I was busy minimizing, a favorite past time of mine. I emptied out a rarely used closet, only to find these:

So many art supplies!

So many art supplies!

Yes, of course I was ecstatic to find sketchbooks and watercolor pads that I had completely forgotten existed! The negative part is – just before my Morocco trip, I went looking for sketch pads to bring, and ended up ordering new ones because I couldn’t find these, tsk, tsk.

Instead of sketching these two drawerfuls, I will instead get right to finishing up my trip sketches and blog posts. AND, I guess I’ll “need” to make a “resolution” to use my sketchbooks, and not hide them away where they’ll be forgotten.

Yamaha painting

This is a recent commissioned work, done for a Yamaha owner.
It was a lot of fun to try this, and decide how much detail to leave in.
It’s not a very good scan, as I was eager to get this sent out to him.
For his original photo and a better view of this click on this ride report: