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Turtle and garter snake

Lily Lake loop

Had a lovely walk around Lily Lake in Chenango Valley State Park the other day.  Blue skies with puffy clouds, everything seemed an unreal green. Lily lake at CV St Pk
Lucky to see a turtle sunning on a log, and nearly tripped on this large garter snake, nestled in the leaves. Turtle and garter snake
Last but not least, my favorite bird of prey, bald eagles at their nest on my way home. Bald eagle at nest

A month of turtles!?!

After seeing the big tortoise at the zoo, I came home and while walking at lunch, saw this rather large pet out for a walk in his yard. Can you guess his name? Snappy! I don’t know how, but he looked friendly! Maybe it was because his owner was laughing that I wanted to take his picture to sketch him. The little guy I saw Friday at Otsiningo Park. Now he did not look very friendly. He looked like a ‘snappy’ to me!