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Black bear

Glamping in the Poconos

Black bear

Living in the Poconos, you’d think it would be pretty easy to try a one night backpack trip in the nearby woods, something I keep wanting to try.  So when my neighbor Eric invited me to camp in his backyard for a night (aka “glamping”), of course I said yes!

He got a couple of steaks, I roasted some veggies, and he cooked the steaks over a campfire. After a delicious dinner, he doused that fire, and we started a second one close to our tents, where we drank a little wine, meditated, drummed and relaxed.

So, before sleep, we each went to our houses for a bathroom break.  I returned to the backyard first, sitting next to the fire.  Eric came outside and saw a bear.  The bear was headed to the backyard where I was sitting! 😵‍💫

I was quite unaware, and he called my cell, so he could warn me – after hearing his warning, I looked up and said “OH, it’s a BEAR!” About 70’ away! So I said, “hey bear” and with that the bear decided humans are going to be annoying, he turned around and left. Hard to believe I still went to sleep shortly after. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Trying to fall asleep was a challenge, because Chuckie (a neighborhood cat) was SO happy we were outside with him. He kept trying to climb into each of our tents. (In the morning , he did end up jumping onto Eric’s head THROUGH the tent. Quite a feat!)

At one point, we heard something, looked out toward the woods across the road, and saw LOTS of eyes reflected in the light! It was thankfully, only a bunch of deer laying down. Later, we also heard a couple times, a very low growl.  I know it wasn’t Chuckie, he fell asleep laying on my tent, and purred loudly for most of the night. (slightly smelling of skunk due to him probably rolling in skunk-scented grass earlier).  Wonder what the growl was from?  That will remain a mystery.  At least it didn’t keep me awake for long. 😴 

And there you have it – one night of outdoor sleeping in the Poconos.  No need to go to the woods, nature is everywhere, even across the street!

Pencil and wash sketches

Catching up!

Hi!  Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long, my favorite pastimes of hiking and sketching somehow went lower on my priority list lately.  It’s a process, making a home fit just “so”.
But I did get out for a couple of easier local hikes, and even got some sketching done!

A month ago, I was SO determined to get a sketch in, that I didn’t let a little (downpour!) rain stop me! Hah! Needless to say, any sketches ended up being indecipherable scribbles. 😂
Sketching in the rain!?!
Recently I was able to return to Dingmans Falls when it wasn’t raining and found this lovely tree next to a stream with velvety moss on its roots. Tree with moss roots
And yesterday, returned to a trail first tried last year.  Named Tumbling Waters, it’s on PEEC property, about 3 to 4 miles long, depending if you take the side trail/ steps to the gorgeous falls. (Which we did, of course!)
Hiking with a friend who happens to be a neighbor, who also likes to stop and sketch really enriches the entire experience.
For these, I used a dark wash Derwent pencil, and a small waterbrush to create shadows. This allowed me to get simple with shapes and values. Pencil and wash sketches
And that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer, in spite of rain or heat or mosquitoes!  Fall is just around the corner with crisp cool (bug free) days. 🍁 🍂

Blue irises 03

Feeling blue? And maybe a little purple? 😉

If so, you might enjoy these blue irises that recently finished blooming.  Even though it didn’t seem likely, I couldn’t stop trying to capture their unique loveliness with my pen and paint. They’re gone now, but should return again and again, for us to see their rich intense beauty.

Blue irises 01
Blue irises 02

Blue irises 03

This one, the “messiest”, which I drew using the flower’s shadows, just happens to be my favorite.

Do you have a favorite?

Brink Rd Access loop

Celebrate with a hike!

“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot prevent spring from coming.” – Pablo Neruda

Marking another trip around the sun and celebrating spring, I tried a new hike, Brink Rd Access Loop near Newton, NJ. It was easy to follow, with great views from the ridge portion. I only saw 2 other hikers, and got to see 2 fluffy white tail deer.

There were plenty of vignettes to sketch, so I took lots of photos, and these small images were a result of quick lines and color to reflect what I most enjoyed here. I hope you enjoy them too.
Brink Rd Access loop
Brink Rd Access loop
Brink Rd Access loopAppalachian trail (AT) shelter

Brink Rd Access loop