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Organ Mountains La Cueva trail

Organ Mountains, New Mexico

A recent trip to El Paso, Texas, allowed me to temporarily escape the final blasts of our northeast winter. This is where Eric, a dear friend and neighbor, spends his winters.  He grew up there, and was a great tour guide and generous host.  I got to see landmarks and history and there was so much to learn.  The sketches so far are from the places we went hiking.

Coming from NE Pennsylvania (elev= 900’) I was concerned about altitude adjustment.  (El Paso elev = 3,760’) So before leaving, I went on slightly longer hikes and even added a few pounds to my pack.  That seemed to do the trick, and there were no issues with altitude.

Our first hike was in the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces, NM, just over the border.
An online description:  The Organ Mountains are a steep, angular mountain range with rocky spires that jut majestically above the Chihuahuan Desert floor. They range from 4,600 to just over 9,000 feet, and are so named because of the steep, needle-like spires that resemble the pipes of an organ.
Coming from the Poconos, the first views of these were awe inspiring.

We did a 3+ mile hike on the La Cueva trail, a great introduction, with deep blue skies and a cave to explore.  Stopping to sketch made the hike take longer, but I could’ve spent all day here!Organ Mountains La Cueva trail

  Organ Mountains La Cueva trail
Organ Mountains La Cueva trail

Organ Mountains La Cueva trail


La Cueva/ The Cave

La Cueva/ The Cave

La Cueva/ The Cave

Positano mountain top view

A work in progress in my new concertina sketchbook, a gift from a visiting friend. (I tried to post on instagram, but it seems iMovie music is not copyright free, which is weird.)

Anyway, here is a short video with my inklines. This is the view from my terrace.  It starts north of Positano. Then Montepertuso, Nocelle and the city of Praiano is at the very end.

Note that the elevation difference required me to start at the top again towards the end!

Positano view – mountains to the north

This is one of the views of the mountains from my terrace. (I know it’s not MY terrace, but let’s pretend for now!)
I hope to complete all the mountain top views from here to Praiano, which is as far as you can see up the coast. (from my terrace!)

Started this one yesterday, finished adding color today.
Positano mountain view 1 north