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New striped bag

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might notice I’m not so consistent in how often I create and post art.  With art, inspiration will ebb and flow, so my timing can vary quite a bit.

Heres a quick sketch done while getting ready for bed. This new striped bag seems perfect to use as my ‘airplane’ bag for my upcoming travels. My carry-on, is of course, necessarily larger. This bag may hold almost all I’ll need during the flight. (Doesn’t everyone bring lots of food? In case.)

Ooh, next I should do a sketch of what will be put in here…

Striped bag


Last one standing

I started this sketch of my neighbors tree because I saw the tree cutters out there. I wanted to capture the magnificence before it was gone. This 70-80′ tree has been home and perch for many birds.  Imagine my surprise when they left, and this one was still there!  The other three were trimmed and cut down about half way.

Rumor has it that the neighbor decided that if/when this tree fell, it would not land in their yard, so therefore, it wouldn’t be their problem! Wow. I do hope that when/if it falls, it doesn’t hurt someone or damage a home.

Pine tree

Looking for a unique gift idea?

The tea towels are here again! There’s a limited quantity available, order soon so you don’t miss out!

Wine cork tea towel

These soft flour sack tea towels measure 25″ x 25″.
The imprint is of several wine corks, my original art.
Art size is approximately 8″x8″.
These makes excellent gifts when paired with a bottle of wine!
Buy any 2 or more tea towels for discounted pricing!

You can purchase from my Etsy site here, or contact me at if you are local to the Binghamton area.

The Amazing Serviceberry Tree

The serviceberry, also known as Juneberry, seems like a perfect tree. It has clusters of lovely white flowers in the spring, ripening into deep red berries, followed by green foliage which ends up providing blazing color in the fall.

Serviceberry tree

The Berries

What I love the most are the birds that it has attracted this year! More than what I’ve sketched here, but these are the ones I could easily identify or get a photo of.

It was literally a berry party every day, until finally, the poor tree was bare!

Junco and tufted titmouse

My favorite sighting was a blur of brilliant yellows and oranges, an oriole!

Baltimore oriole

A little souvenir

Walking at Chenango Valley State Park a week ago, I was appreciating the beauty of nature. I know I should not take even a little souvenir, but this pine branch was on the ground, and since I didn’t have my sketchbook with me, I brought it home to sketch.

I hope you enjoy it!

Pine branch


The little bandits are back!

This cedar waxwing, whose nickname “little bandit” is earned by the “mask” he wears, was trying to find a ripe berry in my serviceberry tree.

Alas, most of them are still green, probably not too delicious yet.

He thought he was well hidden, and he mostly was. I caught a decent photo of him by shooting through my bathroom window, and used it to sketch from. They’re way too fast to try and sketch live!

Maybe he’ll return when the berries are riper!

Cedar waxwing

Just one – poppy

A few weeks ago, my poppies burst into glorious bloom! Their deep orange-red petals bloomed en masse, spilling over the tiny border of my front flower bed.
I realized I wasn’t capable of capturing that in a sketch, so here you have – just one.