Franklin Mountains

Franklin Mountains, Texas

After the Organ mountains, the next day we tried Franklin mountains, somewhat lower in elevation but with enough drama and wind to keep the 3+ mile hike interesting. This state park is within the city limits of El Paso. Franklin Mtn State Park map

This view shows the layers of rocks, made over millions of years, visible from a nearby visitor center. Franklin Mountains view

The drama is created by the rugged landscape with craggy rocks, in sandy desert colors against a pure cobalt blue sky. Franklin Mountains

We (well, I 🙃) wanted to see the Aztec caves, but it was a bit much after our hike, so I did get a few photos of it to sketch.

Aztec Caves at Franklin Mountains

Aztec Caves

I hope you’re able to view this video showing the wind that day!
(Be sure to listen for the genuine Texas Yeeehawww! 🤠)
Just click on this link:  Franklin Mtn wind  

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