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Catching up with sketches

It’s always nice to complete a sketch and be happy with it.  Artists know that’s not always the case!

Here’s a few of my recent works.  Do I have a favorite? Yes, as a matter of fact I do.  Do you have a favorite of these three?

Tools I used

A few tools recently used to connect a new dryer


Rock cairn at Watkins Glen

A rock cairn seen on a hike in Watkins Glen

Kitchen display at CupaJo

Sketch of kitchen utensil display at a local coffee house/restaurant Cup a Jo



Was sooo happy to get my new Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen in a rich CopperOrange. Although I ordered the cartridge converter with it, they sent a free blue ink cartridge, so I thought I’d try it out!

Now, all my black and grey inks are purchased with a waterproof factor in mind. Never gave that a thought as I sat and sketched my cute wave pansies.  The pen worked so smoothly and I felt like I now had a “Porsche” to replace my existing tribe of pens. (Well, not replace, so much as enhancing my collection!)  Of course, the pansies are rich shades of pink, so I started to add some quinacridone red, and, well, here’s the result.

It's not waterproof ink!

It’s not waterproof ink!

Lesson learned, I will get that cartridge converter into action before trying a sketch that needs some color added!

PS – By the way, the blue ink would be great to use with just water in a monochrome theme!

Well that’s embarrassing!

While everyone else was wishing a happy new year yesterday, I was busy minimizing, a favorite past time of mine. I emptied out a rarely used closet, only to find these:

So many art supplies!

So many art supplies!

Yes, of course I was ecstatic to find sketchbooks and watercolor pads that I had completely forgotten existed! The negative part is – just before my Morocco trip, I went looking for sketch pads to bring, and ended up ordering new ones because I couldn’t find these, tsk, tsk.

Instead of sketching these two drawerfuls, I will instead get right to finishing up my trip sketches and blog posts. AND, I guess I’ll “need” to make a “resolution” to use my sketchbooks, and not hide them away where they’ll be forgotten.

Exploring Essaouira

Day 1 started off with a short art lesson on the roof.  Temperatures were comfortable mid 70s the entire week.  Karen (of Art Safari)  had some really great tips and instructions on perspective, and how to “shrink” people as they get further away, depending if you are sitting or standing.  She also gave a few pointers on the different arch types in buildings.

Lesson in perspective

Our first lesson was valuable with so many people around!

Then, we were off exploring this new town.  So many sights, sounds, people and creatures – it could have been overwhelming to the senses, but Karen got us sketching first thing, and that definitely got me focused: What do I want to sketch?  Study it before starting.  Then, just make the lines.  Everything else slowly fades away.

Bread wagon

Bread wagon


Essaouira window

Essaouira window

Shop display

Shop display

After a bit, we all stopped for a break. The mint tea again! Oh joy.  I so need to learn to re-create at home.  But it’s never the same, is it?

Mint tea

Mint tea

Then more walking, some lunch and more sketching. (Exactly what I came for!) We found (I should say Abdul found it!) a shop that sold spices and watercolor pigments. The owner happily demonstrated the various colors, which several of us went back to purchase later.

Watercolor Pigments in Essaouira

Watercolor Pigments such as mogador blue and blue marjorelle

Closed up the afternoon sketching in a square with colorful rugs for sale, displayed on the sidewalk, even hanging from trees!

Rugs on display

Rugs on display