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Italy. Again.

Getting ready for another travel adventure! Soon I will be back in Italy, again on the Amalfi coast.
Here’s a map showing the location: Italy watercolor map

I also prepared something to help me hold a moleskine sketchbook with my palette.
It’s a simple piece of sturdy cardboard, covered with contact paper, using clips to hold the items.
My brush and pencil case can stand on its own, or can be clipped to the corner of the board. Holder for palette & sketchbook

So – I should be set to tackle some serious fun, making art, enjoying the Italian wine and food, and soaking up the sun and sea.

Stay tuned for updates!

Starting to catch up

My recent trip kept me very busy, as well as completely revising my website and blog.
As it is a work-in-progress, I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement!
Meanwhile, here are a few sketches I was able to fit in – the rest are not yet fit for posting, but stay tuned for more as I finish!

Snail on my door!

A snail on my door! At home, a snail on my door would have freaked me out, and called for immediate removal! Oh, but a Positano snail? He can stay as long as he likes!


Plane at airport

At PHL, waiting to go to Italy. Snapped a photo of a different point of view of this plane. I’m usually inside one before I think to take a good look!

PS – So…don’t go to my old blog (artbybernadette.blogspot.com) as I won’t be visiting there! Stop by here artbybernadette.com for the latest news!

Forgotten, but not gone!

Here are several sketches I completed in Italy earlier this year. They were forgotten in my post-trip blues!  Or maybe because I was so busy riding my new scooter during the summer!
Anyway, I’m posting them together – there may be more, but they will be sketched from photos, which, as you may know, are not as much fun as sketching in person. Some of the “joie de vie” may be missing.
There is so much beauty in this tiny little corner of Italy – I’m sure I need to return as soon as possible!
Oh, I just noticed – the art quote for today is:
“Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love. “-Alfred Sisley
How true is that for this post? Hmm?

Capri doorway
Capri view
Hotel Margherita as seen from my balcony
Boat docked during our lunch at La Siren
Positano abandoned church
Positano beach cabanas
Positano mountains as viewed from my balcony

When in Rome…

My second and last night in Rome (last month) was at the Hotel Forum.  If you’re there, be sure to stop at the American bar on the rooftop for fantastic views of nearby buildings and ruins. Also, the roses were blooming so I couldn’t resist sketching them too!

2010 Positano – hike to Nocelle…more

These are more sketches done from my photos taken on our hike.
This first picture is looking down – In the sea, the shape on the left is 3 islands, called “Li Galli Islands”, named Gallo Lungo, Rotomda and Castelletto. These islands are where Greek mythology would have you believe the three sirens tempted Ulysses on his way back home. The mass on the right is actually a large rock protruding from the sea known as “Whale Rock”.

In this second picture, looking up, we were in the town directly above Positano. Montepertuso, which literally means “hole in the mountain”. There is no official name for it, however legend says God was angry and put his fist through the mountain.