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Flashback to December 2014 in San Antonio, TX

Some more sketches that I’m just getting around to scanning.
For this trip, I had a plan!  Brought my sketch kit and traveled to each of the nearby missions. However, I visited, but missed sketching the Alamo, the most famous one!
It was a beautiful sunny day and I took my time and savored each location.

Mission Espada San Antonio TX

Mission Espada




Mission Espada San Antonio TX

Bell detail – Mission Espada San Antonio TX

Mission San Juan San Antonio TX

Mission San Juan

Mission Concepcion  San Antonio TX

Mission Concepcion

Mission San Jose San Antonio TX

Mission San Jose

Live Oak tree San Antonio TX

Live oak tree







Magnetic relief!

I had a lovely weekend on my first sketchcrawl with Urban Sketchers from Canada, NYC and a few locals in Ithaca. We sketched falls and Cornell campus and shared sketchbooks, tips and meals. I must say, they are a hearty bunch, and I had some trouble keeping up with them. I already had a sore foot, and lots of walking ended up irritating my leg. Here’s two things that I used to help recuperate:
It was cold, wet and windy just generally not a good day to be outside. Sunday I decided to do just one more outside sketch of a campus building. I did it, but the temperature was only 37 degrees, and it was still windy, although not raining yet.
I knew I needed to get home and fit in some R&R. This included a hot Epsom salt bath, a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (gluten-free bread thanks to fellow sketcher Sandi!) and a short nap. (If 1.5 hours is short!)
I felt much better After that, and ready to sketch again. Indoors in a warm place!
Thank you Urban Sketchers for a marvelous experience, sharing your sketchbooks and inspiring me to make more art!

PS – the resulting sketches will be posted soon!!

Dirt bike from a different angle

Why no, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!  And yes, I have been busy sketching, here is your proof.  Way back in May, I sketched a friend’s dirt bike from his photo. He took a trip through the Catskills and I often enjoy sketching from his photos.

 Jims dirtbike ride CatskillsThe store behind his bike is abandoned, as are many buildings, although I don’t feel I captured any of that here. Ah well, there’s always the next sketch!

Coffee with…butter?

This is almost “Bulletproof Coffee”, which is my regular organic plus a little unsalted pure butter, then whipped into a frothy finish for a very smooth taste. The true recipe calls for some coconut oil, but – no thank you! It’s not for everyday, more of a special treat!

20140510 Coffee

Starting to catch up

My recent trip kept me very busy, as well as completely revising my website and blog.
As it is a work-in-progress, I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement!
Meanwhile, here are a few sketches I was able to fit in – the rest are not yet fit for posting, but stay tuned for more as I finish!

Snail on my door!

A snail on my door! At home, a snail on my door would have freaked me out, and called for immediate removal! Oh, but a Positano snail? He can stay as long as he likes!


Plane at airport

At PHL, waiting to go to Italy. Snapped a photo of a different point of view of this plane. I’m usually inside one before I think to take a good look!

PS – So…don’t go to my old blog (artbybernadette.blogspot.com) as I won’t be visiting there! Stop by here artbybernadette.com for the latest news!

The improbable?

Can it be? Snow in Positano? Yes! I was afraid I brought it with me from NY, but it does happen up on the mountains.


And in the next moment…a gorgeous sunny morning!

And THAT is why I’m here. The mountains behind feel protective, the people and the food fill you and keep you grounded with their simplicity, and my creative spirit  awakens.

Rear view

Vespa = Fun! Even after getting stuck in a short thunderstorm yesterday, and I didn’t get completely soaked. I’ve ridden 500 miles on it so far, and look forward to many more.