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Passenger swivel and windshield cover

Passenger swivel, noise and insulation

After the floor removal, the passenger swivel seat was installed, and I got an inexpensive windshield cover to block the afternoon sun. Passenger swivel and windshield cover

And we have been putting in the noise reduction and insulation, both polyiso & thinsulate. Thinsulate for walls and doors


Noico on the ceiling

Putting the Noico on the ceiling, then thinsulate over it

Insulated! Except for around the fan and AC installs.

There’s even more after this, but that’ll be a new post soon.

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Ram Promaster with noico

Noise reduction

Finally got out to finish installing the Noico.  Got all the way to the wheel wells, and oops! That stuff is sharp! 🔪  Had to run in the house and do a little first aid.

It couldn’t be finished anyway, we’re waiting for a T30 replacement to finish removing the factory floor. The other one skittered away into a floor recess, never to be seen again!

It’s nearly done, here’s a few pics. Ram Promaster with noico


Beginning a new adventure!

It’s been two weeks since the new dark grey Promaster was delivered.  So far, all the planning is in my head.  I wanted to have a separate site for the plans, materials and work that will get done.  And of course, our travels once it’s ready to go!

This made it SO much easier!

Theres a few things I can do while waiting for (me!) the final plans to get drawn.  It came with mfr floor and walls, so yesterday I removed the walls. I ordered a special tool which made it easier to pop out the plastic pegs holding it in place.

The walls are out!

Don’t worry! Soon I will have detailed plans to share!

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