Beginning a new adventure!

It’s been two weeks since the new dark grey Promaster was delivered.  So far, all the planning is in my head.  I wanted to have a separate site for the plans, materials and work that will get done.  And of course, our travels once it’s ready to go!

This made it SO much easier!

Theres a few things I can do while waiting for (me!) the final plans to get drawn.  It came with mfr floor and walls, so yesterday I removed the walls. I ordered a special tool which made it easier to pop out the plastic pegs holding it in place.

The walls are out!

Don’t worry! Soon I will have detailed plans to share!

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2 thoughts on “Beginning a new adventure!

  1. Larry

    When I click the link to go to your website, I each time and redirected to a site that I do not think is yours. Your site is, however I am getting redirected.

    I will doublecheck it is not any SPAM on my laptop, but I think is your site.


    Larry –

    1. artbybam Post author

      Hi Larry,
      My previous website has been changed to None of the links should take you to the old ‘blogspot’ page.
      If you click a link in the body of any email, it should take you to the correct site. The link that says “view this email in your browser” takes you to an RSS feed. I’m not sure why it doesn’t take you to my site.
      Also, if you’re following the Grey Matter posts, (a different list than art by bernadette) the emails aren’t showing the post properly. I’m working on correcting that!
      Let me know if you are still directed elsewhere,


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