Installed tablet/phone holder in Promaster

A helpful accessory

I thought this would be an easy, quick little project. Wrong! This iPhone/tablet/gps holder was ordered from England, and there’s a video that shows how easy it is to install.  My first issue was the supposedly simple removal of the radio to enable access to a couple of screws. I kept trying with tools that I thought would work, then was worried I broke the tabs inside.  Finally took the van down to an auto shop that installs remote starters and sure enough, it took the guy about a minute, which included him climbing in!

Happily though, the rest of the install was a breeze.

Here’s a link to the video I watched to learn how to install it, and here are a few photos.

Inside view of new screw location

The screws removed holding the original part go in a new location

Installed tablet/phone holder in Promaster

The final product in use

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