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electric batteries and inv

Electricity for Grey Matter – planning and layout

Disclaimer:  I am not an engineer, nor am I an electric expert.  Use this design at your own risk!  Also, feel free to input suggestions! Thank you!

Now, on to the plan – here’s a diagram.  Why such large battery capacity?  (And they are quite large and heavy!)  If we’re off grid, the system needs to be able to run the air cond. for a short time.  The water pump(s), any heat, etc has not been finalized yet.
Grey Matter electric diagram

The plan – the dark lines indicate batteries and a narrow closet which will house the inverter, solar controller and other electric “stuff”. (technical term 😉 )
I had originally thought to place the batteries behind the driver and passenger seat, alas,
the inverter location became an issue.  After searching the promaster forum, these vans are
made to carry 4,000 lbs, so having the battery & inverter weight on the same side isn’t a problem. In fact, it makes the wire runs as short as possible.

electric batteries and inv
electric elevation

Next, on to the galley design!