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Pencil and wash sketches

Catching up!

Hi!  Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long, my favorite pastimes of hiking and sketching somehow went lower on my priority list lately.  It’s a process, making a home fit just “so”.
But I did get out for a couple of easier local hikes, and even got some sketching done!

A month ago, I was SO determined to get a sketch in, that I didn’t let a little (downpour!) rain stop me! Hah! Needless to say, any sketches ended up being indecipherable scribbles. 😂
Sketching in the rain!?!
Recently I was able to return to Dingmans Falls when it wasn’t raining and found this lovely tree next to a stream with velvety moss on its roots. Tree with moss roots
And yesterday, returned to a trail first tried last year.  Named Tumbling Waters, it’s on PEEC property, about 3 to 4 miles long, depending if you take the side trail/ steps to the gorgeous falls. (Which we did, of course!)
Hiking with a friend who happens to be a neighbor, who also likes to stop and sketch really enriches the entire experience.
For these, I used a dark wash Derwent pencil, and a small waterbrush to create shadows. This allowed me to get simple with shapes and values. Pencil and wash sketches
And that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer, in spite of rain or heat or mosquitoes!  Fall is just around the corner with crisp cool (bug free) days. 🍁 🍂