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Animal Adventure!

I recently went to a local zoo, Animal Adventure. It looks great for kids – they are allowed to interact with and feed many of the creatures.
I took my scooter there, for a solo ride of 50 miles! So much fun! Some of these sketches were done from my photos, as the animals were not kind enough to pose for me!
And oh, I’m not naming them because I forgot to keep track of that!
201408 animal adv cow

201408 animal adv goat 2

201408 Animal adv goat

201408 Animal adv lama

201408 animal adv llama 2

201408 animal adv macaw

Get Fresh! Calendars & Tote bags

Since many have asked, I’ve decided to order multiple copies of these items, and have opened shop on Etsy. 

The calendar is made with top quality paper, and is a convenient 5×11″ size to hang on the wall.
The cotton tote bag is a generous 15×15, with a full color print of my corn sketch.
I’m so happy with the quality of these!

UPDATE Sept. 26, 2013: I’m happy to say the bags are nearly gone (only 2 left to sell!) and the calendars are down to 10.


I took my new scooter to work on Wednesday, and got a lot of comments.
“You just rose to the best vehicle in the parking lot.”
“After seeing you on that, I think of you in a whole new way.” (Not sure if that’s a good thing, hehe.)

So I stopped at Zona’s in downtown Binghamton after work, they had a “Yappy Hour” to benefit the Humane Society, and got a few more:
“I LOVE YOUR SCOOTER!!” (Shouted by a young lady walking down the street.)

Even later, when it was settled comfortably into its temporary foster home, a guy from up the
street came down to ask about it.
My conclusion- Binghamton must be ‘scooter-starved’!!

Soap Studio Brookside marketing

My great friend Maria, makes wonderful soaps!  But that’s not all,
she also makes perfumes, lip balm, and teaches classes on
how to make your own all natural soaps.
Her advertising was in need of an update, so another friend and I stepped in to help.
Here are the results of our combined efforts, done just in time for her display at a
 Cabin Fever event – vending locally produced art at the
Binghamton University Downtown Center 10am – 4pm Saturday, March 2.

Elegant older homes

I’m re-reading Danny Gregory’s “The Creative License”.  If that book doesn’t inspire you to get back to or even to start sketching, I don’t know what will!!!
Two very quick sketches touched up with my Pentel water brush –  done from the safety of my car yesterday, as it was a cold, rainy and gloomy day.  Finishing these brightened it up for me, though!
Phelps Mansion

An older west side home