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Soap Studio Brookside marketing

My great friend Maria, makes wonderful soaps!  But that’s not all,
she also makes perfumes, lip balm, and teaches classes on
how to make your own all natural soaps.  www.soapstudiobrookside.com
Her advertising was in need of an update, so another friend and I stepped in to help.
Here are the results of our combined efforts, done just in time for her display at a
 Cabin Fever event – vending locally produced art at the
Binghamton University Downtown Center 10am – 4pm Saturday, March 2.

EDiM – 01 Draw a bar of soap

This is a challenge to draw something every day in May.

This bar of soap is from the Paris Las Vegas hotel. I was staying there the week of 9/11/2001. We had a rental car, so ended up driving back to upstate NY. Funny that I’ve kept this for 10 years, and interesting how the memories just flood right back in an instant.