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Wildest India

A very relaxed Saturday, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I sat around and watched “Wildest India” episodes. I have to say, that was an amazing show! The photography was superb, I learned so much about India that now I want to visit there, and every episode made me want to pause it and grab my sketchbook. Finally, when they started about the elephants, I went and got my pens and paper, and did this quick sketch.

image Aren’t elephants the most beautiful and fascinating creatures?


Animal Adventure!

I recently went to a local zoo, Animal Adventure. It looks great for kids – they are allowed to interact with and feed many of the creatures.
I took my scooter there, for a solo ride of 50 miles! So much fun! Some of these sketches were done from my photos, as the animals were not kind enough to pose for me!
And oh, I’m not naming them because I forgot to keep track of that!
201408 animal adv cow

201408 animal adv goat 2

201408 Animal adv goat

201408 Animal adv lama

201408 animal adv llama 2

201408 animal adv macaw