folio palette

A new palette

Oh, art supplies can be so addicting! Choosing paint colors, brands and palettes to put them in. I have many, and the last two I’ve used are shown here.  (There are many more not shown!). The top one was quite expensive, custom made by Craig Young and took over a year to acquire.  The one on the right is made by, very light and easy to use while traveling.  While the larger one has great mixing areas, it’s heavy, and bulky for travel.  And the smaller, lighter one has such a small mixing area.  So of course, I decided to try again, and hope the new one is the best of both worlds. At least for now. 😉 Watercolor palettes

It is the new Folio size palette, 5.25x”x3.25”, and weighing (filled) about 4 oz! I’ve spent the last hour or so concentrating on choosing how to fill it and then filling it. I got so focused, I wasn’t thinking about much else.  It was that fun.
Here it is filled with fresh, juicy paint.  Can’t wait to dip the brush and create something new! folio palette

Do you have a favorite palette?

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