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art-toolkit.com folio palette

A new palette

Oh, art supplies can be so addicting! Choosing paint colors, brands and palettes to put them in. I have many, and the last two I’ve used are shown here.  (There are many more not shown!). The top one was quite expensive, custom made by Craig Young and took over a year to acquire.  The one on the right is made by art-toolkit.com, very light and easy to use while traveling.  While the larger one has great mixing areas, it’s heavy, and bulky for travel.  And the smaller, lighter one has such a small mixing area.  So of course, I decided to try again, and hope the new one is the best of both worlds. At least for now. 😉 Watercolor palettes

It is the new Folio size palette, 5.25x”x3.25”, and weighing (filled) about 4 oz! I’ve spent the last hour or so concentrating on choosing how to fill it and then filling it. I got so focused, I wasn’t thinking about much else.  It was that fun.
Here it is filled with fresh, juicy paint.  Can’t wait to dip the brush and create something new!art-toolkit.com folio palette

Do you have a favorite palette?


Another unique trip happening soon!

I thought I’d be so busy with Grey Matter, that I wouldn’t have the time or energy for anything overseas this year. But – fate (and Art Safari!) has a way of throwing things at you, and when this trip showed up, I decided to take it!

So, I’ve renewed my watercolor palette, and switched out compose blue for a cobalt turquoise. (So yummy!) Watercolor palette 2020

A little geography quiz for you, can you name this country? Map Hint – it’s NOT in the northern hemisphere!

Answer coming in the next post!

New year, new palette

I like to sketch my palette at the beginning of each sketchbook, although consistency is not my forté!  I’m not starting a new sketchbook soon, so here is an update of my colors.

My current palette replaces a well used Schminke one.  This was purchased a few years ago, but it always seemed too heavy to use when traveling. It was finally time to test it, as the additional mixing area seems too good to waste.  You can see it’s been well used already. Watercolor palettes

The newer colors (small tin) are a set from Greenleaf & Blueberry.  Haven’t worked much with them, and looking forward to playing more.  2018 watercolors

For this very cold first day of the year, I’m rewatching a John Lovett watercolor instructional dvd. He is one of my favorite artists, and his videos are straightforward and easy to follow. Easy, that is, if you’re good at following direction. Not me!

Here’s to a year of creativity!

New palette for the new year

I’ve been reading about ‘minimalism’ and this got me started cleaning out lots of stuff in my basement. It’s also reflected in my revised palette – less colors. Took out a few that I hardly used to make room for larger pans for the ones I use most. This page is carried with my sketch kit for reference, but also because I just *love* looking at pure color!

My palette (as of today!)

I’ve been using this for a few months, and plan to bring it on my next trip. I took out most of the included paints and used my own. I thought I’d try the W&N reds that came with it, although Holbein has lately been my favorite. I have a whole set of Holbein small tubes, 24!!!) and haven’t made the time to try them all!