Magnetic relief!

I had a lovely weekend on my first sketchcrawl with Urban Sketchers from Canada, NYC and a few locals in Ithaca. We sketched falls and Cornell campus and shared sketchbooks, tips and meals. I must say, they are a hearty bunch, and I had some trouble keeping up with them. I already had a sore foot, and lots of walking ended up irritating my leg. Here’s two things that I used to help recuperate:
It was cold, wet and windy just generally not a good day to be outside. Sunday I decided to do just one more outside sketch of a campus building. I did it, but the temperature was only 37 degrees, and it was still windy, although not raining yet.
I knew I needed to get home and fit in some R&R. This included a hot Epsom salt bath, a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich (gluten-free bread thanks to fellow sketcher Sandi!) and a short nap. (If 1.5 hours is short!)
I felt much better After that, and ready to sketch again. Indoors in a warm place!
Thank you Urban Sketchers for a marvelous experience, sharing your sketchbooks and inspiring me to make more art!

PS – the resulting sketches will be posted soon!!

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