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Tripped up!

I wore my favorite long time hiking boots for a winter walk last week. The lace from the left got caught in a hook on the right, and down I went! Not even enough time to get my hands out of my pockets, so used my chin to break my fall.
Fortunately, it was very slushy out, which lessened a direct impact, but added to the amount of dirt and road salt going in my mouth and face.
I understand newer boots don’t have these metal hooks anymore. Maybe it’s replacement time?

A trip to Boston – Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Brought a friend to her followup dr visit. She had some nasty vertigo when we arrived at the hotel, so we ordered in.  I sketched my bed while waiting for the food to be delivered in.
The best thing about this hotel (and maybe all Hampton Inns!) is they say the duvet covers are washed each time, like the sheets.  I believe it, because all the linens were white, and they did look really clean!

Brigham & Women’s Hospital cafeteria is equal to a gourmet restaurant! I had pumpkin raviolis with mushrooms and artichokes covered with a white butter sauce. Soo good!  I ate it so fast, I had time to sketch these folks sitting at the window counter in front of me.
By the way, my friend’s test results were exactly what she hoped for, so excellent news for her!

I do love red shoes!

The chef got to eat his lunch too!  I wonder if he prepared his own food?