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Sketching 20120113

A very cold, snowy and windy day. Great time to update my watercolor palette and do a little bit of sketching…
I dug out my old proportional dividers to help with portrait sizing. I’m not yet able to do that squint and measure thing with my pencil yet!

Some painting supplies

I just *had* to do a quick sketch of my basic tools used to sketch with.
From left to right:
1. $2 brush (or maybe it was a dollar) from home improvement store
     (I love using this brush to make a messy start!)
2. Black Gold, size 8, travel watercolor brush (Feels luxurious)
3. Cotman size 5 watercolor brush (Eh, good all-purpose)
4. Robert Simmons size 1 watercolor brush (Hardly ever used)
5. Pentel waterbrush (again, hardly ever used)
6. Pentel pencil
7. Click eraser (used too much!)
8. Pitt artist pen
9. Micron .01 pen
10. Noodlers Flex nib – had trouble with this at first, have learned to love it!
11. Lamy safari with Lex. grey ink (new ink color, not used to it yet. Also, I love the flex nib!)
12. Uniball red pen
13. Uniball/Signo white
14. Plastic grid/ruler

Sketch kit

Sketch kit
Originally uploaded by artbybernadette

Here is my newest sketch kit. I have been looking for something very portable, even the small bags seem like I will lose things in them. Many thanks to timoliver1959 for his suggestion to buy an inexpensive pencil kit and adapt it to your specific needs. I can’t fit the water bottle and the pencil sharpener and teeny-tiny water container within the 1″ width of the case, they just need to be on opposite ends. The entire case is 6″x11″x1″, so it is just this and my sketchbook to carry. Now we just need some warmer weather so I am willing to go outside and sketch!