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Catching up with sketches

It’s always nice to complete a sketch and be happy with it.  Artists know that’s not always the case!

Here’s a few of my recent works.  Do I have a favorite? Yes, as a matter of fact I do.  Do you have a favorite of these three?

Tools I used

A few tools recently used to connect a new dryer


Rock cairn at Watkins Glen

A rock cairn seen on a hike in Watkins Glen

Kitchen display at CupaJo

Sketch of kitchen utensil display at a local coffee house/restaurant Cup a Jo


Towel display at cup-a-jo

Coffee & Teapot tea towels are in!

On display at Cup-a-Jo

Very excited to share the latest items with my art.
The colorful screen imprint is of ink and watercolor sketches, original art by me.   These are printed so the design can be seen when hung. Towel display at cup-a-jo

These makes excellent gifts when paired with a box of favorite tea or coffee!
Pick any or all of three different designs.

1. Blue/ Silver
2. Green/ Brown
3. Orange/ Brown

I did these sketches on site from displays at a local coffee shop, Cup-a-Jo, on Front St. in Binghamton, NY.

These soft flour sack tea towels measure 28″ x 28″.  Art size is approximately 5″x8″.  Fabric color is white. Machine wash and dry.

Towels are $12 each (plus shipping), buy any 2 or more tea towels for discounted pricing!

How to purchase? 1. Stop in to Cup-a-Jo, enjoy their delicious food and get your towels there!  2. Message me  3. Visit my Etsy page. ($14 includes shipping)