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Do you love New Years Day? The idea of starting fresh, putting 2013 behind you?
In 2013, maybe you didn’t do your art every day or even every week?
Didn’t finish that one piece still sitting in your studio?
Didn’t organize your ‘stuff’ like you planned?
Didn’t connect with friends and family like you’d hoped?
Have regrets?
Reset, reset, reset!
The fact that I sat around and watched non-stop Twilight Zone shows instead of
finishing this sketch means I could really use one of these buttons in real life!
Did Rod Serling ever write an episode about a drawing that comes to life?

Forgotten, but not gone!

Here are several sketches I completed in Italy earlier this year. They were forgotten in my post-trip blues!  Or maybe because I was so busy riding my new scooter during the summer!
Anyway, I’m posting them together – there may be more, but they will be sketched from photos, which, as you may know, are not as much fun as sketching in person. Some of the “joie de vie” may be missing.
There is so much beauty in this tiny little corner of Italy – I’m sure I need to return as soon as possible!
Oh, I just noticed – the art quote for today is:
“Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love. “-Alfred Sisley
How true is that for this post? Hmm?

Capri doorway
Capri view
Hotel Margherita as seen from my balcony
Boat docked during our lunch at La Siren
Positano abandoned church
Positano beach cabanas
Positano mountains as viewed from my balcony

Get Fresh! Calendars & Tote bags

Since many have asked, I’ve decided to order multiple copies of these items, and have opened shop on Etsy.¬†www.etsy.com/shop/artbybernadette¬†

The calendar is made with top quality paper, and is a convenient 5×11″ size to hang on the wall.
The cotton tote bag is a generous 15×15, with a full color print of my corn sketch.
I’m so happy with the quality of these!

UPDATE Sept. 26, 2013: I’m happy to say the bags are nearly gone (only 2 left to sell!) and the calendars are down to 10.