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From Estonia with Love, the book

Back in 2009 a young couple from Estonia started an epic motorcycle ride around the world.
170,000 km, 1126 days through 70 countries.
Somewhere along the way, I was shown the link to their ride report here:

Their trip was amazing to read, but more so, I was hypnotized by their photos. The colors and subjects they chose… So I began sketching some of them.  After realizing I’d like to share them online, I asked Margus and Kariina’s permission to post them, so they are here:

Once their trip was completed and they were settled in back home, many of us begged them to write a book. And finally, they did!

The book, opened to one of my favorite photos!

The book, opened to one of my favorite photos!

After some emails back and forth, they selected one of my sketches and I had it made into a print, and sent it off to them.  What an honor to know my art has a home in Estonia!

Much gratitude goes to Margus and Kariina for undertaking such an adventure, and also for completing the arduous task of writing and compiling their lovely photos in a book.
My copy of the book arrived today, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Described as a high quality hard-cover, premium paper, glossy 320 pages of full color book, that doesn’t do it justice.
If you’d like one for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. It will be available soon through Amazon.com, I’ll post a link once it’s listed there.

Art by Bernadette has a home in Estonia

My art now has a home in Estonia!

On writing…

A Writers book of days

Cover for “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves

I have never been a great writer.  Wait – make that, never been a writer at all!  But I have always wanted to have some nourishing text to accompany my art.  And, I love, love, love adding quotes.  By someone else, of course.
I am currently reading “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves and it occurred to me that her daily writing prompts could be used for sketch ideas, and maybe, just maybe, if I “write” more and more often, I will improve. Same as with art, right?
So now, some of my sketches may include writings inspired by the book.
Feel free to throw any suggestions for improvement my way, this writing thing doesn’t come naturally to me! (Suggestions like “Shut up! or “Stop, just sketch” might be ignored, though!)

Oh wait, can we NOT call it “writing”? Maybe “words with my sketches” will be less pressure on me.

Hey, thanks for listening/ reading!