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Picked it up today!

It’s definitely for me!
First look at the new ride.
Bringing it home!

A new (to me) 2006 Vespa 200L Granturismo in Positano Green! It’s actually another Italian city green, but I just returned from a trip to Positano, so there! My awesome neighbor will change the oil and putz with it to make sure it runs good.

Foster home for now
(Until I clean out a spot in my garage!)
I look forward to sketching & scooting!
I will also be more involved with some online biking sites, ADV Riders being one of them:  ADV Riders 
And soon: ModernVespa.com

Yamaha painting

This is a recent commissioned work, done for a Yamaha owner.
It was a lot of fun to try this, and decide how much detail to leave in.
It’s not a very good scan, as I was eager to get this sent out to him.
For his original photo and a better view of this click on this ride report:

Motorcycle sketches

These were done from my friend’s bike trip photos, each one says a different message, I think.

Stones This one was taken in Bar Harbor, 2010. Triumph Tiger.

This one was taken in Woodstock, NY, 2010. Triumph Sprint.

This was somewhere in the Catskills, 2010. Triumph Sprint.

Thanks to my friend Jim, for such great photos!