A New Beginning

I’m very excited to share this news with you!  There’s a new van in town, and it’s going to be converted into a camper van!

I’ve travelled quite a bit, but not a whole lot around the U.S.  This van will change that.  Starting later this year, on the east coast, then expanding towards the west and those national parks that are calling.

I hope you’ll decide to follow along, I’ve decided to make a new blog for you to follow along.  Because, well, some are following here for my art and travels and some will follow there to see what is being done to “Grey Matter”, the name we’ve given to this lovely hunk of metal. See the new website here, it’s pretty bare so far, but plans are in the works!  Sign up for updates here! (You have to sign up separately from this one!)

Grey Matter is also on instagram as greymattercampervan.

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