Grey Matter

A Promaster camper van conversion


Installed tablet/phone holder in Promaster
I thought this would be an easy, quick little project. Wrong! This iPhone/tablet/gps holder was ordered from England, and there’s Read more
electric batteries and inv
Disclaimer:  I am not an engineer, nor am I an electric expert.  Use this design at your own risk!  Also, Read more
After a prolonged stay in a large garage, Grey Matter is back!  We’re very lucky to have a relative with Read more
Not “flooring it” on the ride, haha. We finished laying the 1/2” polyiso, after taping the edges with house wrap Read more
Passenger swivel and windshield cover
After the floor removal, the passenger swivel seat was installed, and I got an inexpensive windshield cover to block the Read more
Promaster floor
Jamey (and I helped a little!) removed the floor on Sunday. The most difficult part was bringing it down to Read more
Ram Promaster with noico
Finally got out to finish installing the Noico.  Got all the way to the wheel wells, and oops! That stuff Read more
It’s been two weeks since the new dark grey Promaster was delivered.  So far, all the planning is in my Read more