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Zambia – guests at the lodge

Our huts were mostly quite clean, and (I think I mentioned) the beds were quite comfy.  But somehow, these little guys (or gals, not sure) managed to enter and keep me company every day!
I even did a photo album titled: “There’s a frog in my …!”  And of course, one of them got sketched.

Tree frog

One of my guests – a brown tree frog

A sketch done inside South Luangwa Park-

Zambia Landscape

Zambia landscape


New striped bag

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might notice I’m not so consistent in how often I create and post art.  With art, inspiration will ebb and flow, so my timing can vary quite a bit.

Heres a quick sketch done while getting ready for bed. This new striped bag seems perfect to use as my ‘airplane’ bag for my upcoming travels. My carry-on, is of course, necessarily larger. This bag may hold almost all I’ll need during the flight. (Doesn’t everyone bring lots of food? In case.)

Ooh, next I should do a sketch of what will be put in here…

Striped bag



As part of my half-hearted attempt at minimizing and simplifying my life, I took an honest look at the quantity of sketchbooks I have. Some have been partially used, but none of these are full. So I hope not to buy anymore until there is a significant dent in this pile! Yes, I need to get going and sketch more!