As part of my half-hearted attempt at minimizing and simplifying my life, I took an honest look at the quantity of sketchbooks I have. Some have been partially used, but none of these are full. So I hope not to buy anymore until there is a significant dent in this pile! Yes, I need to get going and sketch more!

4 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. Claire M

    Ah…. you really got me to chuckle at the sight of your pile of sketchbooks. I too have an abundant supply of journals and other art books. I’m trying to pick up and do more and ‘use what I have’. I look forward to seeing your sketches to come….

  2. ArtbyBernadette

    Hi Karen, what a great idea! I’ve donated other art supplies to a teacher friend, but really did NOT realize how MANY of these I had until piling them here! So thanks for the suggestion, now the excess will definitely go to others that need them more than me.

  3. Karen Blados

    I had a similar pile last year and found it pretty intimidating. I picked five that had paper I really liked and donated the rest to the elementary school art teacher to give to students. Worked out pretty well!


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