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Les timbres/ Stamps


This sketch, way more detailed than my previous skull (skull sketch, not my real skull!), is inspired by an upcoming visit and “Paris Letters” by Janice MacLeod.
A French friend and I have been pen pals for a long time. How long?  I dug out the box of saved letters and see that he received my first letter December 19, 1992! Twenty-three years!

Stamps Les timbres

And what a collection of stamps on those letters, from France, Mayotte and other places.  So many beautiful ones.
Here are a few, maybe I’ll get ambitious and do some more, but no promises, as I ended up being very detailed with these, and they are so small!
We have visited a few times over the years, but this will be only his second visit to the USA. I’m looking forward to taking him on tours and places that are familiar to me, but new to him.  #feelingexcited

PS – Yes, we know how to email, but don’t you just love getting a real letter?