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Cathedral Cove

New Zealand – Cathedral Cove

We stayed at motels in NZ, surprisingly comfy, clean and with kitchen facilities. It’s a very friendly country for hikers and campers.  Breakfast was typically groceries purchased by Phil, our guide, that we could take and each enjoy in our rooms before leaving for the day.

This day we headed to Cathedral Cove, accessible only on foot or by boat. Of course, the ferry wasn’t running the day we went! A beautiful sunny day, but I guess the sea wasn’t cooperating.  So it was on foot in and out, up and down around the hills, about 2 miles with an elevation change of 500 ft. People swam, took selfies for social media and enjoyed the gorgeous beach and rock formations. One of our group was upended by the strong surf! Glad she was okay!Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

There were also perfect places to rest and sketch on the return walk. Cathedral Cove return Cathedral Cove return

We all enjoyed a well-deserved ice cream on our return!

When you spend time in the sun with footwear like this, Sandals

you can end up with a Maori-inspired tan! (More about Maori art later. 😉)Weird tan lines