Scoot and boots

How do you describe yourself?

For the last several years, I’ve described myself as a scooterist. Obviously, that’s not all I am, but it’s been 6 years of fun with the Vespa GT200 in Portofino green!  Recently decided to hang up my boots and sell it, as Grey Matter is taking up lots of time and energy.  Alas, the scoot doesn’t have the same appeal as before.

At least, it IS going to a good home.  My friend Jim, who is the one who found it for me, is the perfect new owner for it.  He has given me driving tips and done the maintenance on it.  Happy scooting Jim! Scoot and boots

2 thoughts on “How do you describe yourself?

  1. Jim

    I’m thrilled to have the scoot and loving it. Sorry to see your scootin days come to an end but wish you well with the van and hope that brings just as much pleasure

    1. artbybam Post author

      Thanks Jim! Well, the van might not be as much fun to drive, but I’ll be able to go much further. You’re the best next owner for that scoot, enjoy!


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