Bookmarks are in!

I recently ordered these, they are here, and the quality is great! As much as I adore my moo cards, these end up being a third of the cost.
The downside is that they are all the same images. That’s okay, because these have a ‘purpose’.
If you’d like one, drop me a dollar (for mailing costs) to my PayPal (button is at very bottom of my blog here) and email me your address! (Please send $3.00 if you are not in the U.S., thank you!)

4 thoughts on “Bookmarks are in!

  1. ArtbyBernadette

    Thank you Claire! I received one from with my order, and decided to make my own. These are ordered from, which I have used many times for work orders like postcards and business cards.
    The PayPal button should be at the very bottom (keep scrolling!) of my blog page. If you can’t find it, this link should work:
    Good luck, let me know if you do order some!

  2. Claire M

    I’m fascinated by this. The bookmarks look lovely. I’d love to know more as I have been thinking of doing something with my art in 2012 …. but I’m not even sure what to start with.


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