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Love my cof~fee!

2014 1102 Coffee
This piece will go to a silent auction to benefit a local organization called VINES (www.vinesgardens.org). VINES is an awesome program and creates community gardens in the Binghamton area. The silent auction is sponsored by Laveggio coffee, Chroma cafe & the Loft @ 99.
The ‘rule’ for this is to ‘create’ with a burlap coffee bag. I’m not a multimedia artist, so I used watercolor crayons on the bag, then pushed it on the paper with a wet rag to create a textured background.
I feel like it still needs a little something, but I’m not sure what. A black matte really makes it stand out.
So, does anyone else think that coffee means happiness?

2014 1102 coffee prelim

Here’s my preliminary sketch