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A Berber Market – Part 2

(If you missed part 1, you can read it here)
Next we walked over to the adjacent industrious and colorful Berber fruit and vegetable market.
Even though it wasn’t far from the meat market, the 5 minute walk was filled with sights and sounds that I have never seen at home.

Chaos at the market

Cars, donkeys, trucks, sheep and people going every which way

(There were actually too many things to absorb at once, so I ended up shooting photos and many of my sketches were done later.)

Helping out at the market

Helping out at the market

Sheep at the Berber market

Sheep – not sure if they were on their way to the meat market! Hope not!

There is a tent with a barber (a Berber barber, hehe) and always the donkeys and carts. I was fascinated by their tent construction (simple), the scales they used (no batteries needed!) and thoroughly enjoyed the dealings of buyers and sellers.

Vegetable vendor at Berber Market

Vegetable vendor

A pile of carrots

A pile of carrots – This was typical, to spread them on plastic on the ground.

We found a few spots on a shady hillside to sit and sketch, mine was nestled between two donkeys. At one I was at the ‘wrong’ end, the other, near his head. I became rather infatuated with my nearby friend, as he/she posed rather nicely for me. (Yes, he was tied up, but still, I like to think he would’ve stayed anyway.)

My "neigh"bor donkey

My “neigh”bor – still not sure about the whole donkey/mule thing

Stay tuned for the third and final part of this extraordinary day!