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I messed up, Part 2 (Synchronicity)

Synchronicity = When everything flows smoothly. When amazing coincidences occur.  When you’re thinking of someone and the phone rings and it’s that person!

Well, maybe it wasn’t so bad.  After thinking about it, I guess I like the results!
So, I covered up 2 more pages that I wasn’t fond of, and here is the first:

I would say the colors are a little muddy (time to clean my palette?), but I had fun making this one.  All those swirly lines going absolutely nowhere.
I’ve got one more page to play with – I do love words, I was a library nerd, well, I still am.
That did pose a challenge for me to actually TEAR OUT a page from a perfectly good book.
Maybe because it’s in French, and I’m not 100% understanding the meaning.
Well, we will see.