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Naples Beach – Lunch at the Turtle Club

I enjoyed a wonderful lunch here, and made sure to bring my sketch stuff.  The beach and weather were both perfect that day.

View from my table

Naples Beach – Illegal beach chair!
Ok, confession time- I was looking for a beach chair.  The first place wanted $20 for an hour!  I said I didn’t want to buy it, just rent it for an hour. So on I walked, and soon found these lovely chairs and umbrellas.  I went up to the hut, and said can I have a chair for an hour?  I don’t need an umbrella, just the chair.  He says, of course!  I asked how much, and he said, oh no charge, they are free for guests of the hotel. Um, so I said, that’s great!  He set it up for me, facing the correct sun direction, and I used it for my hour.  After a few minutes, I realized it was the Ritz-Carlton, and the young man didn’t realize I was only a beach wanderer. The ‘real’ guests get a mini-flag pole, so when they raise their flags, they are waited on. Maybe next time I’ll be a real guest, haha.

Ritz-Carlton beach chairs