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NZ – Arrowtown and Kiwi Park

On day 8, we visited Arrowtown, a preserved gold mining settlement.  Lots of quaint shops with things to see and buy!

Arrowtown hat display

Arrowtown hat display

In the mid 1800s, Chinese workers were invited to work in the Arrowtown mines.  Their homes were very simple huts they built near the river.

Chinese miners huts

Many of the Chinese miners huts have been reconstructed

In the afternoon, we went to the Kiwi Birdlife Park, where we sketched kiwis and saw other birdlife.  The kiwi show had red lighting, which is the only way to view these birds.


Sketching kiwis in the dark. 

After the park, there was a mountain range, the Remarkables, in view to sketch.

View near Kiwi park

View of the Remarkables


I really liked the Platinum villas we stayed at, with amazing views from our balconies.

View from Platinum villa in Queenstown

View from Platinum villa in Queenstown, the Remarkables again