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Getting serious

Friday was Day 6 in Essaouira – time to get some serious sketching in. Also, serious shopping, serious massages, serious rug buying, you know, important things before we leave!

Karen (from Art Safari) took us down some alleyways to teach us about perspective. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of something, you learn new points that really make a difference!
Here are some of my efforts to practice perspective in my art…

Perspective - Mosque doors

Perspective – Mosque doors

Perspective - arches

Perspective – arches

Perspective - rug alley

Perspective – rug alley

And here’s one that looks as if I learned nothing, hah.  Tamusica was an interesting shop with various drums and other musical instruments hanging around.

Tamusica shop

Tamusica shop

After Karen found us a colorful rug shop, the owner came out and yes, he did sell some rugs to us.  (Not me, I was waiting to purchase mine in Marrakesh.)  It’s quite an experience, looking at and buying a rug.  You are ushered in, offered tea (which you must accept!), and presented with rug after rug until finally, you either find one you love or are worn down by their persistence!  Next comes the bargaining.  It’s really different than our big box stores!

Moustafa, a rug seller

Moustafa, a rug seller

And, for my last night in Essouira, I ended up with an upset tummy.  By upset tummy I mean I couldn’t go very far from the bathroom.  This continued each night until my return to stateside.
Unfortunately, it made me miss the going-away get-together the other folks had that night. They were all flying back to London the next day, and I would be on my way to Marrakesh.