Tao Te Ching Verse One

I just signed up for a free online course “Tao Te Ching Live Challenge” through zenlearning.org.
It’s a year long discussion of the tao te ching verses, with online discussions.
You may have noticed my tendency to skip around things and subjects, so we’ll see how long I last with this!

Snowy Easter - Tao Te Ching Verse One

Snowy Easter – Tao Te Ching Verse One

Part of verse one: “Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders.”
As I sit and watch the Easter snow softly falling, I think about the verse. I decide to sketch the large pine trees in my back yard.
What I got from this verse: “Chill out. (No, that’s not a pun on the snow!) Don’t define things as good or bad. Surrender and trust the mystery.”

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