Positano life

I’m happy to say that several ‘solo’ days have passed uneventfully. Mr. Lizard was gone the next morning, and I started insinuating myself into Positano life.
I stopped at the local bread shop and picked up a focaccia bread with veggies on top. So delicious!  

The next day, I ambitiously headed down to the beach with Rose (furry friend, certain a sketch will follow soon!) and we went to Ferdinando’s, a beach restaurant. I ordered a spritzer (yes, I’m on vacation, no need to wait til 5 o’clock) and a pizza. I relaxed and did a quick sketch.  Ferdinandos

Not surprisingly, even though I used to create and work with topographic maps, I took a wrong turn on the way back up the stairs. Now, I’ve been here before, and have made a habit of counting the stairs – it’s either 500 or 600, depending on the route. This wrong turn had to add at least a hundred stairs, plus a short walk down the main road before arriving home.
A slight cold caught on the plane contributed to a lack of energy and breath as I climbed what seemed like endless stairs.
Note: I might be exaggerating here, but not much!

Finally, today found me with more energy, probably due to the slight decrease in temperature and a rejuvenating breeze. Rose and I headed to the hardware store where I purchased a necessary house item, then on the way back, stopped and got green grapes ( which were quite large and sooo sweet) and a cantaloupe (also so juicy and sweet) and a little cheese. So lunch consisted of cantaloupe, crusty bread dipped in olive oil and a bit of cheese.  grapes

After lunch came siesta, and not just for me, but also for my furry friends.
Here is Yogi, a very cuddly cat. Unfortunately, I just found out that the way he likes to snuggle his head under your chin – creates itchy red welts on me. I didn’t realize my allergies were from skin contact. I feel terrible, because he is so loving, but…don’t worry, I’m creative, I’ll find a solution!  Yogi the cat

Note: Sorry for the poor image quality. I’m using my camera and iPhone and am having trouble adjusting to find the white of the paper. These will all be scanned once I get home!

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