On the road in Maine – Part 4

Following my excursion to Machias Seal Island, (read about it here) I went down the Maine coast to Acadia National Park, staying in a rental in Southwest Harbor. I hiked the Otter Cliff walk, Cadillac Mountain, and Jordan Pond.

On Cadillac Mountain, I decided to try the North Ridge trail, 4.4 miles with an elevation change of 1,130 ft. It would’ve been much easier without all those gigantic boulders! But it was fantastic, and I would gladly go back and do it again.

Cadillac Mountain tree bark - Acadia Park

Unique tree bark – seen on Cadillac Mountain

Cairn - Cadillac Mountain in Acadia Park

Cairn – Cadillac Mountain


For this view from Bubble Rock, I took a side trip straight up some large boulders.  It’s not exactly all the way to the top – I got a little tired, and remembered I still had a couple of miles to finish around the pond, so this is the view very close to the top.

Bubble rock view

View from Bubble Rock near Jordan Pond trail

Jordan Pond restaurant is the only restaurant located within Acadia park. They are known for their popovers, which I decided to try while I sketched the view from my seat.

View from Jordan Pond restaurant

View from Jordan Pond restaurant

My final night at the park was quiet, as I enjoyed a glass of wine on the deck of my rental, I noticed these turkeys fly into a nearby tree. Wow! What a great way to end this adventure!

Acadia park turkeys

Look closely, you’ll see one on the roof and one in the tree!

2 thoughts on “On the road in Maine – Part 4

  1. Toni Grekin

    Fabulous Bernadette, LOVED your impressions of Acadia. My Maine daughter and her 5 kids camp and bike there the last week of August every summer. My mom had told me about its magic in 1959. I love that you get off your Binghamton ass and capture faraway places on paper, just like artists did 200 years ago and earlier! Wishing you a Happy Birthday of the Universe (or as we Jews call it Rosh Hashanah, because it’s a celebration for everyone!) All love, Toni

    1. artbybam Post author

      Thanks Toni! I know I’m not the only one that loves that place, it was my first visit but definitely not my last. And there are so many other places to go, I wish I could get to them all!
      Happy Rosh Hashanah and hugs to you!


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