Maine, USA

Here is a trip I’ve been planning since the beginning of the year.  Acadia Park in Maine.

After reading up on things I don’t want to miss, I found out there are puffin tours!  Puffins are a type of ‘auk’ bird with bright beaks during mating season.  Near Acadia, there is only one company that has access to an island where you can see lots of them in season.  I checked in January, and they were booked for all of 2018!!  This is because there are limits to the number of visits allowed on the island.  I asked to be added to a cancellation list, and lucky me, I am signed up for a trip to Puffin Island!  (That’s not the real name!)

There is always the chance that weather may cancel that day’s trip, so I’m trying to stay calm (hah!) and not be too disappointed if it is.  If you’ve been following me, this anticipation is similar to my Moroccan ‘goats in trees’ and my Zambian elephants. For me, it’s so very hard to contain the excitement of a dream come true! ?

So here is a small sketch to preview this trip. I hope you follow along and enjoy this voyage through my sketches!  Maine map

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