Calendar collection
Looking back…
Organizing a bit on this perfect summer day, I came across my calendar collection.  I’ve been making these as gifts
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A trip to the Farmer’s Market
This market is awesome for delicious and juicy fresh veggies!  They’re so amazing that, well, sketches were needed. Here you
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Jamey fishing
Goin’ fishin’
Hiking comes naturally to me. So does, being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature.  So when Jamey talked about going
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Scoot and boots
How do you describe yourself?
For the last several years, I’ve described myself as a scooterist. Obviously, that’s not all I am, but it’s been
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Chenango Lake
Chenango Lake hike
A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect for a short hike in Chenango Valley State Park. I brought my
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Coffee and tea and meditate postcards
Having fun with coffee and tea sketches!
It’s been so much fun with the coffee and tea towels (see that post here), I decided to add to
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