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Still sketching! Dinosaurs at the museum…

In spite of a lack of posts, I am still sketching, but haven’t been posting much.

Let’s catch up and see what I have been working on.  Way back in January, the same day I found out that my second grandbaby would be another girl (yippee!), I was also thrilled to meet Heidi and Mary-Anne from Art Safari! This is the company that I went with to (amazing) Morocco last fall.
They were touring NYC with a small group, and we were able to coordinate a short meeting at the Museum of Natural History. They are just as friendly and charming in person as they were via email. You might notice how much I enjoyed the dinosaur exhibits by my sketches here…

PS – Granddaughter #2 arrived recently and all are doing well!


My 3rd sketch at the museum – I feel like I warmed up with the first two!


My 2nd sketch of the day

Dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History

Dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History – His head was sticking out of the room to show how large he was!


A day at MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)

Back in early December, on a trip to Phoenix, we had the option to tour the MIM.  Most everyone thought it would be boring (for nerds only!) so there were only three of us taking the tour.  Our guide was an older gentleman who obviously loved his work.  It was one of the best tours I’ve had, and the museum is amazing!
Musical instruments, costumes and accessories from all over the world, and from ancient times to modern hip-hop.
I had planned to relax and sketch, but the tour took up most of the allotted time.  So I hurried and did several, adding color later, and taking photos of everything else that I had time for. (Didn’t want to miss the bus!)
Here are my sketches from that day,  a variety of things that caught my attention.
I wish I had a full day to enjoy all the displays!  Definitely worth a visit if you’re near there!

Lunchtime view of a closed terrace (at the hotel)-
we brought 30 degree temperatures with us from the northeast!
Bagpipe (Torupill) made of wood and cowskin from Estonia
Skaltrumma from Iceland (I think that’s correct)
The drawings represent a map of the world
Flamenco costume on a wire frame
Pre-Easter carnival costume from Sardinia
Mohawk Indian headdress made from turkey feathers and deerskin